Monday, May 23, 2011

Signing Off for Now

Hi everyone. I know I have tons of request to keep posting pics and updates and I'm so sorry that I have not done so. As you all know I opened this blog for all of you wonderful friends and family that were praying so hard for Ethan over the past few years. It was a great way for me to be able to update everyone who was concerned with Ethan. Now this blog is being used against me by Ethan's dad's attorneys so I will not be posting until after I have received custody back of Ethan.Yes, Please pray as hard as all of you prayed when Ethan was going though his surgeries. Ethan was taken away from me because I was sick but Im well now and I'm having to go to court to prove I'm capable of taking care of him. I promise to update and put new pics up very soon. The hearing is set for Tuesday May 24 in room 210 Judge Vines Bessemer Court House at 9:00am if anyone would like to come and show your support. You all have been so great and just keep praying for Ethan. He doesnt deserve to go through any more than he already has. He needs to be at home with his mother. Please pray everyone!!!  Thanks so much!!

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