Monday, May 23, 2011

Signing Off for Now

Hi everyone. I know I have tons of request to keep posting pics and updates and I'm so sorry that I have not done so. As you all know I opened this blog for all of you wonderful friends and family that were praying so hard for Ethan over the past few years. It was a great way for me to be able to update everyone who was concerned with Ethan. Now this blog is being used against me by Ethan's dad's attorneys so I will not be posting until after I have received custody back of Ethan.Yes, Please pray as hard as all of you prayed when Ethan was going though his surgeries. Ethan was taken away from me because I was sick but Im well now and I'm having to go to court to prove I'm capable of taking care of him. I promise to update and put new pics up very soon. The hearing is set for Tuesday May 24 in room 210 Judge Vines Bessemer Court House at 9:00am if anyone would like to come and show your support. You all have been so great and just keep praying for Ethan. He doesnt deserve to go through any more than he already has. He needs to be at home with his mother. Please pray everyone!!!  Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everything is going great!!

I'm sorry I fell off the blog spot wagon. It has been crazy since we have gotten home. Ethan is doing fantastic!!! We had a check up last Monday and the cardiologist said all the fluid is gone and the heart is pumping beautifully. He reduced some of his medicines and cleared him to go to church and be around other people again!!!!  Now he is off all of his medicines other than the baby aspirin ,so I'm so thrilled about that!!  The last surgery they took him off his post surgery meds and then placed him on a medicine for hypertension so I take Ethan back on April the 28th and I guess they will let me know then. Also, on the 28th they are going to lower the rate on his pace maker but I do not know at this time what the rate will be set at. We are going to memphis on April 20th to see Dr. Knott-Craig and I'm actually really excited about going. Ethan is too but he ask all the time for me to confirm that we are NOT STAYING. LOL I just laugh and tell him "No baby....we are just going to visit for 1 day and then coming back" bless his little heart. He has been wide open since the day we got home and now he is eating so good again. Every once in a while he will say his chest hurts but for the most part he has no complaints and neither do I. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with joy that he has conquered 3 open heart surgeries and is doing so well. Praise the Lord!!! Praise the Lord!!!  I will try to put some new pics up soon!! Thanks again for all of your support, prayers and encouragement during these past few months.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on Fluid on Lungs

We went to the cardiologist this morning and Ethan is doing fantastic per Dr. Lau. The fluid has decreased and there is only a small amount remaining on the lungs!!! Thank you Lord for the answered prayers. We are so thrilled to get that great news. Ethan is doing so good and is enjoying being home and playing outside with  the nice weather we have had. Please continue to pray during this recovery period. We are going to decrease some of his medicines this week so we are hoping that he will still continue to do great and that the fluid will stay off. We appreciate all of you taking the time out of your busy lives to check on Ethan and for your prayers. Everyone has been so great and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At Home and Doing Great

We got home Monday evening and have not slowed down. Ethan doesnt even act like he has had a major operation. He is so glad to be home and just plays and plays with all his toys. I have to make him set down and rest just so he doesnt over do it. We went to the cardiologist today and he was very happy with the way that his heart was functioning however there is still fluid on the left side of the lung. They increased his lasix, which helps remove fluid, and we have to go back on Monday for another chest x-ray. They will then determine if it is reducing the amount or increasing the amount of fluid. The right side still looks great so that is a positive note!! Matt and I changed the bandage where the chest tube was and it was not draining at all!!!! That was more proof that the right side doesnt have much fluid. Ethan came home on 5 medications in which he takes numerous times during the day. That is a challenge just getting everything down and on schedule. It is a little stressful but I have been a nurse for the past 17 days so I'm adjusting well. Ethan is doing fantastic!! Please continue to pray for his recovery and great health for his future. He is so strong and he has been through so much in the past 2 weeks. He will sometimes stop in his tracks and say " Nothing want get me?" or "No one is going to hurt me?" it really breaks my heart. He also pretends all the time that he is giving me medicine or putting in an IV. He even told my sister to put her oxygen on and she said she didnt want to and he said if you dont you will beep. LOL  He means the monitor will beep...that is what would happen in the hospital if he was rebellious and took his oxygen off. Anyone who is a parent and had to go through anything like this can probably relate to this. Everything will get better in time and he will hopefully not remember any of the trauma he has had to endure. As for will forever be etched into our minds but it only make us stronger and hopfully will help us to appreciate life and not take anything for granted. I will continue to update the blog as much as I can.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heading to Alabama

The chest tube is out and Ethan is doing great. We are waiting on the pharmacy to get all his medicines ready and then we are out of here. We are so thrilled!!! I will try to update the blog once we get home so I can go into detail everything that took place this morning and what will be taking place in the next few days. Just keep praying that everything goes great and that we have a safe and comfortable trip back home. Thanks EVERYONE!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 13

Ethan ran fever again last night so we are still doing antibiotics. His left lung does look better today as far as less fluid so thats a plus. He is in good spirits despite the fact that he has been poked and messed with for 13 days straight and we have not slept much at all. He is so great and I know that the Lord is holding his hand through all of this. Our prayer now is that he will not run any more fever and that the fluid will continue to decrease in his body so that the chest tube can be removed and we can make plans on coming home. We are trying to keep our heads high but it does get very exhausting and we know it has taken a lot out of us and Ethan. Just keep praying for all of us.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Update Day 13

Ethan started running fever the night before last so they have had to put in an IV and now he is getting very strong antibiotics round the clock. They said his white blood cells were a little high and with all that he has had done it is not uncommon but to be on the safe side they want to make sure they kill any infection that might be brewing. He hasnt ran fever since then so hopfully he is fine and it was just a one time thing. The doctors are also watching the place where his pacemaker was put in. There is some fat deposits that are sticking out and seem to be causing Ethan some pain. The doctor said usually it fixes on its on but they will watch it over the course of a couple of days and if it is still causing problems they will have to do a minor procedure to go in and repair. It would definitely set us back some because he would have to go back to the operating room and be sedated again. We are just praying that it fixes on its on and doesnt cause Ethan any pain. I know it seems like the fever, tummy problems and pacemaker site problems are major set backs but this is all normal stuff to us. I can remember the last surgery and how good he was doing and thinking we were about to go home and then before we knew it Ethan was sent back to CICU because of heart rate issues and other stuff. the doctors just came in and they are pleased with Ethan this morning. He does have a little more fluid built up on the left side of his lung. They dont seem very concerned with it at this time but they are definitely hoping that all the medicine will help draw all the fluid off. He already still has the chest tube draining on the right side and we really dont want them to have to add one to the left. We are looking at being here for atleast 3-4 more days. Please keep praying for Ethan and that everything will start going back up hill soon in his recovery process.